Coles! Help us find the REDcycle bins

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The Coles Group made an amazing choice to offer the REDcycle soft plastic recycling bins in their stores. This program is helping reduce the amount of soft plastics that end up as landfill or litter. Whilst this partnership is so great, the only downfall is the accessibility and location of the bins. WHERE ARE THEY?!?

My local North Perth Coles has their bin hidden away near the last checkout, behind a wall, only seen from a certain angle. It took me a good 5 minutes of searching the store to find this bin! 

My only request from this petition is to move the REDcycle bins to the areas that have highest amount of foot traffic. Entrances, Exits at the information desk. Please, please, please utilise this awesome program and place more of these bins in more visual areas to have their usage increased and help reduce the amount of soft plastic wastage. 

These bins are available in many, many other stores and i really hope that this change occurs in all the stores and not just coles.