Ban ‘Coles Little Shop’ Items

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Just when you think Coles is getting more eco-friendly because they introduce reusable shopping bags to more states/territories in Australia, they bring out these Little Shop items. And what are they made of? You guessed it, plastic. While they might be appealing to some children and collectors, they are a completely unnecessary part of the shopping experience. Not only that, but they do/will do a great deal of harm to the environment. They are already washing up on beaches across the country, meaning that they have already started posing a threat to the marine wildlife of Australian waters! 

The target audience is presumably children, but the majority of children grow out of these things. They are a fad, and of course, a ploy to encourage more people to shop with Coles. But what’s the point of removing something big, such as single use plastic bags, only for them to be replaced DAYS later with more plastic items? And this time; they’re of no value or benefit to customers whatsoever. Who are they benefiting? Coles, of course. Kids will ask their parents for more of the toys to finish their collection, or people will shop there to give them to a friend/keep them for themselves. It all seems harmless, and like a bit of fun, but to me, it seems as though Coles cares more about their profits than the environment. And that’s just not going to fly anymore. So let’s send them a message, sign this petition in hope for a change!