I want to improve the bridge to improve people's lifes and save lifes.

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In st Ann's the bridge that links st Ann's and st John's is really unsafe its easy to get down and do what ever you want and this sadly happened on Wednesday 22/07/20 my little brother kayden who was only 14 got down using the bridge to the train tracks and sadly took his own life so in honour of kayden I would like to have so more barriers put up along the stairs I will be doing my part by repainting and fix the panels to make it a safe and happy place u come to relax and be happen not to end your life plus the whole community would want this so please get in contact with me fcantlow@outlook.com if anyone want to chat. Plus I want to use this as awareness for mental health making it normal to talk to someone about your problems and not bottling it up and leaving it till it cant hold it any more and it explodes we need to fix all the bridges and hot spots for  Suicide but we will start with the bridge and we won't stop till they are all fix.