Quality of customer service

Quality of customer service

3 November 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jon Gill

Coin master is a very popular game as we know.

In December 2018, the title grossed $10.4 million for the month and then saw an increase of 53.6 percent to $16 million in January 2019. Coin Master had its best month in July 2019 when it generated $53.5 million, up 607.8 percent year-on-year from $7.5 million in July 2018.

There is a serious problem with Coin Master and its Customer Support !!

People continue to have problems with Events and problems with recieving spins.

There are many stories of people not receiving spins and have had to wait in the region of months to be awarded majority of the time 200 spins when due rewards of 10,000 spins.

This has a major impact on players especially with high villages some costing over 50 billion to build.

When somone is paying for spins with the hope to reach a certain part of an event and they do not recieve those spins it can cause a real impact on there game.

I think it's about time players started stand up to the fact that Coin Master is turning over a massive revenue and are treating players appallingly.

I invite you to pass around this Petition in the hope Coin Master will resolve these issues and comply with the gaming standards.

If they do not resolve these issues and post publicly on there Facebook page an apology then the game should be boycotted for 5 days taking approximately 10 million pounds from there revenue.

Coin Master has to wake up to what they are doing !!


Boycott 1st December 2019 

5 days 








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Signatures: 614Next Goal: 1,000
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