Stop inhumane actions towards Axolotls

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According to Google, "Axolotls are probably one of the most scientifically studied salamanders in the world. ... Nowadays, it is extinct in the wild because of the pollution and urban sprawl that threaten its habitat in the Mexican Basin." Axolotls now rely more than ever on humans to keep them alive in captivity. This can lead to genetic inbreeding and deformations in their family tree so we have to act fast. Being a proud 12-year-old owner of an Axolotl, I can tell you this is bad. Axolotls are key to scientific advances. For those of you who don't know about these amazing creatures, here's a quick science lesson; Axolotls have the fastest regeneration in the world, and arguably the best, being able to regenerate portions of their spinal cord. This is performed when the section of limb that is cut off gets the cells surrounding it replaced with stem cells. These stem cells gradually build up, giving identity to the ones that follow behind it (muscle, nervous, etc.) While human bones produce vast amounts of stem cell each day, first, we have trouble harvesting it because the body needs them to perform normal functions, and even if we could, they are not as expendable and valuable as embryonic stem cells (the type of stem cells Axolotls produce.) The type of stem cells that can be found in the umbilical cord. Fun fact, we do actually harvest these! Institutions called cord-blood banking are specifically designed for this! But sadly, these institutions are private and we only have one umbilical cord per human, plus most are not willing to give up something that valuable. So, if we could find a way to use technology like CRISPER, and mass produce stem cells like Axolotls do without harming them, people that usually cannot get medical treatment for injuries that would need costly prosthetics can now just ask for a new leg and get one! weird right? But the sad truth is, The Mexican Government readily denies the existence of these cute things in order to build over there homes, pollute their rivers, and even eat them as a delicacy! So in order to allow Axolotls help save the future, we have to help them first. This is why I am making this petition to send to the Mexican government to (hopefully) ban pollution of Axolotl habitats, clean up the rivers where they live, and message the equivalent of the Mexican FDA to stop all consumption of Axolotls to benefit the common good. Besides, if you aren't into cool scienc-ey stuff, they are SUPER cute. But hey, I'm Only 12. =)