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Pay Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell $1 per year.

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CofC's Board of Trustees has installed Lt. Gov. McConnell as the next president of CofC, despite the overwhelming opposition of the faculty and students, as evidenced by the 83% disapproval rating in a faculty poll, and the collection of over 2,000 signatures against McConnell vs the 200 gathered by his supporters. A state board has already approved a salary of $188,000 which is $9,000 more per year than is paid to our current president with public funds. Why should the president of CofC's salary increase while our funding from the state decreases; most gallingly in the case of the hostile and punitive cuts to our College Reads! program?


Furthermore, there is the matter of the $100,000 dollars wasted on a sham search process, about which the Board of Trustees will not answer questions concerning the most basic matters, erroneously citing a confidentiality agreement which surely no longer impacts Glenn McConnell now that he has been selected.  They will not answer, yes or no, whether they placed the Lt. Gov.'s name in the final pool of candidates, in deviation from the recommendations of the search committee. This is a privacy concern to no one but the Board members themselves, who fear our response to the answer.  Their silence speaks volumes.


Bearing all these things in mind, and in light of the continuing dissent from the campus community, we ask the College Foundation Board, who supplements the President’s publically funded salary with private Foundation funds, to speak for us, by awarding the Lt. Gov. $1 per year for the duration of his term as president. Furthermore, we recommend these savings be applied to scholarships for minority and LGBTQ students in financial need. If McConnell truly wants to be president of CofC for altruistic reasons, and if he is as committed to diversity as he claims, he should accept this offer, knowing he will be able to live quite comfortably on his publically funded six figure salary.

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