Coca-Cola: Save wildlife by switching to edible six-pack rings

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Plastic six-pack rings are everywhere. They are a convenient tool for holding our bottles and cans together. Unfortunately, they also cause terrible suffering and death for more than one million wild creatures - like turtles, fish, birds and small mammals - each year.

Plastic items we toss in the garbage (or out the window) mostly wind up in or near our oceans. Marine animals can become tangled in the six-pack rings with no hope of escape. Sadly, even cutting them apart doesn't save wildlife who try to eat the pieces, mistaking them for food.

Luckily something can be done about this - right now. And it's so simple! Saltwater Brewery, a small Florida craft beer company, has developed a completely biodegradable six-pack ring that wildlife can actually eat!

Coca-Cola, we are now looking to you. The animals and the oceans need your company - the global leader in the soft drinks industry - to initiate this long overdue effort for true sustainability.

With your team of leading-edge engineers and scientists, surely a harmless, edible six-pack ring can be put into production. It will likely cost more at first. But we only have one earth, and the wild creatures who share it with us should not be condemned to suffer for the sake of our convenience and profits.

Please don't let us down.