Coca-Cola: Stop Using Plastic 6-Pack Rings!

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Our oceans are clogged with millions of tonnes of plastic waste that will not degrade for thousands of years. Plastic 6-pack rings represent pointless plastic waste — there are already completely biodegradable and compostable alternatives available, yet cheap, single-use plastic rings continue to be mass-produced at alarming rates.

It is no longer enough to hope that consumers will cut up and recycle plastic 6-pack rings, it is time for producers like Coca-Cola to stop mass-producing and using this harmful plastic packaging.

We’ve all seen the damage plastic waste is doing to our planet and our wildlife. Peanut the Turtle (pictured) was found in 1993, her shell permanently deformed by a plastic 6-pack ring which also prevented her organs from fully developing. More than two decades later, we are still needlessly churning this waste into the environment.

I’m asking Coca-Cola to stop using plastic 6-pack rings on their products. As industry leaders, Coca-Cola must step up and commit to sustainable packaging that’s 100% biodegradable and compostable.

No More Plastic 6-Pack Rings!

Consumers Want Sustainable Packaging!