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Coca-Cola's Powerade: Stop the use of controversial chemical BVO

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I live north of Atlanta the home of the Coca-Cola Company, so I am local and it’s crazy to know that every time I see a delivery truck at a gas station or supermarket, bottles of potentially harmful chemicals are lining the shelves. It’s crazy to know that I have to be paranoid and check every sports drink and soda to make sure I’m not putting any toxins in my body, when I shouldn’t have to do this nor anyone else because there shouldn’t be harmful chemicals in a drink to begin with. 

Me personally, I already have a health condition of my own that I’m battling with. Luckily I’m at a lower stage, but at the end of the fall of 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer and don’t want to put anything in my body that will do nothing but harm it rather than help. It’s troubling to see the how they promote this stuff on commercials, they have athletes drinking it, telling you and our youth it’s the best thing when replacing what your body loses during a workout; it’s even better than water they say, but when a toxin is in the drink, I highly doubt it.

This is important for the same reason Sarah Kavanagh's petition was important. As she stated prior, BVO is a flame retardant and no one should be ingesting such chemicals. Children drink this after sports games all of the time, not just adults. It's important to get familiar with what companies are putting in our food. You can visit this link from Coke, and it clearly shows the use of BVO in their POWERADE Fruit Punch. But the good news is some of the flavors don't use it. Apparently, there are substitutes that can be used, so why not use them? 

For those of you not familiar, a flame retardant is a chemical and key component used to help prevent items from becoming flammable and it’s commonly used on textiles and plastics, so why are we drinking it?

If you visit the American Chemistry Council website or just Google, there’s a list of items flame retardants are used on such as televisions, washers & dryers, roofing, carpets, telephone/ cell phones, and the list goes on, so again why would any company put this stuff in something that everyday people like you and I consume? The American Chemistry Council's website even says "Brominated compounds are used for a number of purposes, but the major use is as flame retardants. Bromine interacts with the fire cycle in the gas phase to stop the chemical chain reaction that leads to flame formation and a self-sustaining fire. In essence, brominated flame retardants either prevent a fire from starting in the first place, or significantly slow a fire down." Whether or not it's the exact same BVO as what's in Powerade, that still seems pretty ridiculous to me.

BVO is very controversial due to the health effects it can have on people and animals…yes that does include our furry little friends. I noticed Sarah’s story on “Today” and they mentioned that the right amount of BVO isn’t harmful; however, they turned around and said it simply needed more research, so I’m puzzled as to why they’re using ingredients and chemicals that they haven’t fully researched yet in the first place. Plus, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and other companies won't be using BVO thanks to consumer pressure, so why is Powerade ignoring this feedback? It’s scary to know that something like this is being used in the US without fully knowing both positive and negative effects (especially because it's banned in Europe and Japan).

Thanks to Sarah's courageous actions PepsiCo made the change for Gatorade and it can happen here too with Coca-Cola and Powerade listening to common sense. Please help me and let’s continue to help Sarah make a change for the better. I appreciate the support. 


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