Keep NNK ginger ale in production

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NNK Ginger Ale has been a key factor in curing everything from a tummy ache to depression.  Many people depend on this beverage after a long day or just to wash down a meal.  Keeping this beverage in production will keep many smiles in place. Releasing this greatness from production would render a devastating blow. Not only to the Northern Neck, but to the surrounding areas as well that depend so heavily on this product. Local restaurants, businesses, homes, and tourists look forward to having this drink in their possession and sharing the goodness therein with others.  Sales being understandably a factor, share the product with the world.  No other gingerale in production can compare to the cold, crisp, taste of Northern Neck Gingerale.  It's inevitable anyone who tastes it that has not had it yet will feel the same. Make the production national and share this goodness with the world!!: