Bring Back Vault Sodas!

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Since the other famous citrus soda, Surge, has came back to the market, why not bring backVault sodas? 

• "Vault was a soft drink introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 2005, and it was the first of its kind: a hybrid between a soda and an energy drink that had one of the most unique and scintillating tastes on the market. Some people have compared it, unjustly, to Mountain Dew or Mello-Yello because of the similar citrus qualities, but what it brings to the soft drink market is a distinctive, full-bodied taste with character and nuance that cannot be found in any soda or energy drink currently available for purchase to the average consumer. Everything from the taste of the product to the shape of the bottles and sprightly advertising campaigns lent a vitality to the soft drink market and The Coca-Cola Company that has been absent ever sinceVault went off the shelves at the end of 2011. I'm asking you today to help me bring this wonderful and delicious beverage back from the soft drink cemetery by signing this petition to get Vault back on the shelves and back in our fridges. Thank you for your time and your help in this matter," states Caleb Wright from Charlotte, NC who's petitioned for the same but the petition was closed. (Bring Back Vault)

Dear Coca-Cola Company,

I, along with many others, would love to taste that nostalgic taste of a Vault soda one more time. This soda was really my childhood drink I guess you could say. Vault  always would have that smooth flow of citrus whenever you drank it and that would always get me, also my taste buds, a chilling feeling before I could even take off the cap. If you guys could revive that experience for all of us, it would be amazing.

From one of your dearest drinkers.

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