Ask Coca-Cola to STOP using plastic packaging.

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Coca-Cola is the number one producer of plastic waste in the world. They own 500 brands. This petition is your promise to boycott Coca-Cola products for the month of February.

We are asking Coca-Cola to stop packaging their products in plastic, stop using BPA in their product packaging, stop using child labor, and invest in recycling infrastructure.

Plastic pollution is wrecking havoc on the ocean and on humans. Coca-Cola produces a ton of plastic, 3 million metric tons a year to be exact. 

Coca-Cola does not care if they are hurting you or the environment. I spend a lot of my time up close and personal with plastic pollution.

Coca-Cola needs to lead by example and actually become a sustainable company with the interest of the planet in mind. 

This is a call to action. We are asking Coca-Cola to be better. We the people have the power to force companies to be better. Let's use it.