Coastal Protection for Collaroy

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In June 2016, the East Coast of Sydney endured a storm that caused the worst coastal erosion at Collaroy beach in 40 years. Homes were destroyed and people lost their livelihoods. The community however shined like a beacon to stack sandbags and help save peoples belongings.

However, today, nearly two years on from the storm, Northern Beaches Council is yet to approve a single seawall for residents along the stretch despite residents being happy to pay for it at their own expense. Instead-they have built a wall of red tape.

The local council has viewed the storm as an opportunity to slug residents for maintenance of the public beach and attempted to impose other draconian conditions on the approval of their seawalls-capitalising on the resident’s desperation to protect their homes. Many of these homes are uninsurable and cannot be rebuilt unless a sea wall is erected.

All the while Northern Beaches Council has approved seawalls for local businesses in the public eye-devoid of any conditions because they are in the public eye. Seems all are not equal on Collaroy Beach.

Protecting your own home, at your own expense should not be a privilege-it is a right. We urge those in authority at Northern Beaches Council to do the right thing and not extort local residents.

If you agree with their right to protect their homes at their own expense, please sign and share this petition #BeforeTheNextStorm

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