No Animal Deserves To Suffer & Die for Fashion & Greed!

Letter to
Coach’s CEO Mr. Lew Frankfort
Executive Creative Director Reed Krakoff
Coach Customer Service
and 2 others
Coach Customer Comments
NY Times
COACH is now selling Rex Rabbit Fur Products!

We the attached signatories are shocked to discover that Coach is commercially engaged with the barbaric fur industry and we are respectfully requesting that Coach discontinue profiting from the suffering and death of helpless innocent animals immediately.

Closing Your Eyes To The Pain And Suffering That May Not Be Visible To You, Does Not Make It Non-Existent.

Animals are sentient beings who experience love, anguish, pain and suffering, yet they are unnecessarily bred as inanimate objects to live in insufferable conditions, only to be tortured and killed for human vanity and greed. These animals are often sick with disease, then forced to wait and watch in Fear while they are next in line to suffer and die.

We implore you to examine your contribution and unethical conduct of hosting such a cruel business. Please make the ethical and responsible decision to discontinue your commercial support of the fur industry and join the increasing body of corporations who are listening to a concerned and attentive consumer population who refuse to be a part of the malicious industry of fur farming.

All life is valuable, please choose to respect animal life rather than providing an outlet for the barbaric cruelty of fur farming which is responsible for the physical and psychological suffering of animals.

Regrettably, as long as Coach unnecessarily and selfishly capitalizes on the mutilation, torture, and death of animals, we the attached signatories will not financially support you or your associated products. Furthermore, we will share this educational information with family, friends, colleagues, and members of online communities.


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