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CNN: Please remove Tbilisi from the article about the world's 'worst' cities.

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I am quite surprised that Tbilisi made the list in this article of 'worst' cities based on quality of living in CNN Travel article Redeeming sights in the world's 'worst cities'. I spent my whole childhood in Tbilisi and then moved to the United States and have to say that if the list is based on 'Education' then it's wrong about Tbilisi. I hope Mercer knows that Georgia has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.7% according to CIA. If the list is based on 'natural environment' as it was mentioned, then Tbilisi is gorgeous and has amazing botanical gardens. Also to brutally say that 'law enforcement' also goes in its rankings is absurd as it's been one of the safest places to live. In case people have not noticed I would like to mention that there is no ‘Warning’ notice from US or other Governments under Tbilisi, because there is nothing to say of course. The city is always lively, throughout the day and the night, since people are very social and love going out to party. It offers a lot of fun for visitors and is safe. The sights, no matter where you are in the city, are gorgeous.

I ask that CNN take down Tbilisi from their article of ‘worst cities’ as I loved every moment of living there, and I am sure many of the travelers that have seen the city greatly enjoyed the people and its environment. If the author of this article had ever visited the city and tried living there, she would have never put Tbilisi on the list, unless, she was bribed/made to do so. Tbilisi is far from being the 'worst' cities to live in, rather it should rank in the top for having one of the most beautiful surroundings in the world and the most foreigner friendly people. Maybe it is not NYC, but it sure is much cleaner. Maybe it's not Paris, but Tbilisi offers one of the most delicious cuisines. Also, classifying Georgia as just 'former soviet state' is not correct. Tbilisi, along with whole Georgia, has existed thousand years before Soviet Union was ever established. It offers ancient architectures and traditions to travelers, and many have already appreciated its beauty.

It doesn't help that article tried to show "redeeming" features in the cities, as it still classified Tbilisi as part of the 'worst'. This is a terrible showcase of Tbilisi, as it ended up being listed under the tag of 'dangerous cities' with this article.

“We've come up with a few redeeming features for each, just in case you happen to be passing through.”

This quote from the article is completely inappropriate for Tbilisi. “Few redeeming features” just in case someone ends up in Tbilisi? That is far from the truth for Tbilisi, because if someone does end up in Tbilisi by accident, they should consider themselves lucky to see such a diverse city, ranging from amazing modern shopping centers and entertainment to old-style buildings and streets. It’s a place where no matter how much time you spend you still have more things you can go to enjoy. Once you end up in Tbilisi, you would definitely want to stay longer to get the full experience of Tbilisi, which might even lead you to other amazing cities in Georgia. There’s something for everyone, whether they have seen it before or they are new to it. I hope Mercer’s is going to change their ranking for Tbilisi in 2013.

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