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Please air Earthlings! For the reasons it was important to air Blackfish, it is important to air Earthlings. Earthlings, is the most important documentary about how humans USE all animals.

This documentary is the most important documentary for all animals, human and non human. People need to see it. Blackfish shed light on a very dirty little secret. And people responded. We have a very big dirty secret on this planet. We need to expose all animal use for what it is. Please tell CNN, by signing this petition, that airing Earthlings is as important as Blackfish.

The idea that we can enslave, exploit, torture & kill animals for trivial reasons such as taste, amusement or fashion is absurd. Please tell CNN to air the most important documentary of our time!

Sane people do not like to hurt animals! People need to see that they are participating in animal use and what it means so they will  stop it. And showing them this movie will make a difference.

Thank you kindly. 

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