CNN must reprimand Jeffrey Toobin for his racism — Antifa is NOT a black group!

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Just days ago Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's legal analyst who is wrong about everything (don't believe me? look!), maligned Black Americans by falsely labeling the left-wing political terror group known as "Antifa" (an ironically violent, fascist group that supposedly opposed fascism... through violence) a "African-American organization."

Toobin, a Jewish man, was preying on the fears of CNN viewers and centuries old stereotypes about Blacks and violence. He has no business attributing this nationwide violence to Black Americans.

Every measure of Antifa's membership shows it to be one of the least Black groups in America.

CNN must apologize for Toobin's racism and consider terminating his contract or suspending him.

Why is CNN standing with a racist?

Toobin should try leaving his swanky New York apartment or consume real news if he wants an accurate picture of what is going on in America today. 

Call out the Fake News Media!