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CNN: Let Gary Johnson In The Debate

Dear CNN:

Regardless of one's political philosophy, there is no denying that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has a message that deserves to be heard in New Hampshire. There are millions of primary voters who share Governor Johnson's fiscally conservative views, and it would be a shame to exclude his message from the June 13th CNN/WMUR/Union Leader debate in Manchester on the basis of hair-splitting criteria.

At this time, poll numbers largely reflect funding, media coverage that a candidate has received, and previous runs for national office - not their credentials or legitimacy. Current poll numbers will certainly change for every candidate in the race, and it is important that CNN does not interfere in that process and allows the people of America to objectively decide who their next President should be.

If the purpose of the debate is to expose voters to the ideas and positions of various candidates, CNN is making a serious mistake. By arbitrarily picking who is allowed to participate in a key debate in a key state, the media is essentially narrowing the field seven months before the primaries begin. and long before the voters have an opportunity to do so for themselves.

Governor Johnson, a popular two-term Governor with clearly measurable support, deserves the opportunity to share his message with voters. In the interest of objective journalism, we ask CNN to please reconsider their decision.


The Undersigned

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