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Invite rescuers of fighting dogs on his show.

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Piers Morgan recently had Michael Vick on his show who stated that the hatred of him is "unexplainable". We would like Mr. Morgan to bring on some of the people who helped save the Vick dogs (or other fight survivors) and explain it to him. Those dogs..and others like them..are still fighting everyday to survive and thrive. They are proving the naysayers wrong over and over. The damage Vick did is irreparable and he obviously still doesn't see it. We'd like to see someone have the chance to show him.

While the Vicktory dogs are not the only victims of this horrible crime any victim would be able to make it abundantly clear why those people who support them, rehabilitate and rehome them, love them and cherish them have not even begun to forgive Vick for the actions that he has shown NO true remorse for.

Yes, he did his jail time.  Yes, he paid his fines.  But even within this interview he just made excuses.  He has not truly embraced how wrong his actions were.  He rattles off sound bites that are probably given to him by a publicist.  He says it's "unfair" that his children have not been able to have a dog because of his actions.  Who knows what he would teach those children about dogs if they had one.

He says he wants another dog but "certainly not a pit bull".  Until he can understand the heinous nature of his actions he shouldn't consider getting ANY dog.

That aside, the dogs who survived Bad Newz Kennels, and all the thousands of other dogs who have been horribly abused, injured and killed tell another, better story.  Of love, tenacity, the will to live and the ability to forgive.

Piers Morgan you let Michael Vick speak.  Please, let the dogs have their turn. 

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