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Cnn , Fox News , & Msnbc , We The people demand one final gop debate Paul Vs. Romney Take Place A.S.A.P.

This Is so important because , we are now down to two Cantidates for the GOP Nomination , and there would be much more , time to debate real issues , the fact of the matter is Both cantidates have a large support group and , The people need one final debate , to be able to make up there mind !

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: CNN Fox News And Msnbc And All there Sponsors.

We the People, along with the constituency of the Republican party, request at least one more debate between the final two candidates running for President against incumbent Obama, being Mitt Romney (R - MA) and Dr. Ron Paul ( R - TX).

We find this incredibly important because the shape of this race has changed. The American People need a chance to see these great men state their cases clearly as to why they feel they are the best man for the job of POTUS, what they bring to the Republican Party, and their strategy for beating Obama.

A one-on-one debate would provide the final two candidates with the opportunity to discuss their differences and support their positions in a well-structured, clear, and respectful manner without the interruption or chaos of a large panel as we have seen in other debates.
Sincerely '' The American People ''

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