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CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC: Don't show the CT shooter. Show those who are spreading love.

When we first heard the news today, this is what came into our hearts:
"I don't want to know anything about this gunman. I do not want to see his face everywhere for the next week. I don't care about his motive. I don't want anyone to ever know his name. This is not a story. This is 18 babies who were shot in school and parents who will never see them again. I want to take all of the attention and energy that will be focused on this individual and turn it towards helping every child believe that the world doesn't have to be like this."

Please help us do this. Don't spread this fear further. Don't give those who would seek to replicate it a platform and notoriety to support their evil aims. Please spend the time telling the stories of those who are working every day to make the world a more loving place. Do it in the name of every child and adult who were lost today. We will support you.

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  • CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC

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