Chloe Melas Lied on CNN about Morgan Freeman Harassing her

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Dear Mr. David R. Levy,

Chloe Melas, an Entertainment Reporter for Fake News CNN, attempted to bring down an Innocent Black Actor, Morgan Freeman, with lies about how he lusted after her.  She presented laughable video evidence on CNN airways of an interview with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin.  In the video, Michael Caine made a statement how he never asks a woman if she's pregnant because he made this mistake in the past and the woman was not pregnant. Morgan Freeman, thinking that it would be funny to witness Caine embarrass himself, said, "Boy do I wish I was there." Melas interpreted Freeman's comments  were directed at her. In her twisted mind, she thought Freeman wanted to be there when she got pregnant.

 Chloe Melas is no different from Carolyn Bryant. The white woman who lied in the 1950's on a little boy named Emmet Till. Bryant lied and said Till whistled at her and Bryant's Husband and friends tortured and killed Till. This was in Mississippi in the 1950's. It was a landmark case because the men got off by the all white jury.

 We cannot let this happen again.  Melas' attempt to bring down a successful black man with LIES will not be tolerated and CNN needs to save face by FIRING Melas.


We The People