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Change the Way Media Covers the Trump Administration

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Kellyanne Conway says if the media continues to call the Press Secretary's lies, lies - and by extension, if it continues to call the President's lies, lies - "we're going to have to rethink our relationship here."


Do not interview Kellyanne Conway.

Press Secretary Spicer comes out for what is allegedly a White House press briefing and shouts a bitter, angry statement at the media, and then refuses to take any questions.

Stop carrying his press briefings live on television.

Trump says the media, "are among the most dishonest human beings on earth, right?"

Stop covering his speeches live. Use a delay, employ a team of fact-checkers, play his rants, and each time he lies, stop the tape, state the facts. Resume the tape, wait for the next lie, stop the tape again, state the facts again. Do not participate in the Trump propaganda game.

In a time when democracy is being rapidly sabotaged by a lunatic president and his amoral flying monkeys like Conway and Spicer, your market (of free exchanging of ideas) - and incidentally your obligation as citizens in that bleeding democracy - your market and your obligation are identical: to identify the lies and refute them twice as often as they are told. 

-Keith Olbermann 

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