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Barbaric Animal Cruelty on CNN

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Anthony Bourdain's show on CNN, "Parts Unknown" frequently shows a giddy Anthony Bourdain often torturing and killing innocent animals just for food. An example of this was in Season 6, specifically the episode "Borneo", where Bourdain is shown along with others killing a pig, who was first captured by local villagers and then suffocated, being tied up in a net. Bourdain was shown stabbing this pig with a spear. Squeals of this poor, innocent animal can be heard throughout, with the camera then concluding with a shot of Bourdain standing in a pool of blood. This is but one example of the barbaric nature of Bourdain that CNN allows. It is disgusting, and we need to tell CNN to stop this inhumane individual from displaying this evil behaviour on tv. 

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