Answers on the disappearance of Moses Harris

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On the night of December 19, 2020 in Lowell, Massachusetts, Moses Harris jumped into the Concord River after being confronted by police officers. My family have not seen any body camera footage from the night, we haven’t been given clear answers as to why no one stopped him or protected him after watching him enter the river, and the last council he met with was police. The brief search for his body has been called off, local papers are giving ambiguous details about his case almost as if he is missing, with no Missing signs or Amber Alerts being issued up by the police. Lastly the police department have refused to grant our family the audience to meet with us and discuss his case. 

We ask for your support to pressure the Lowell Police Department to account for the life they took. We ask all those even if you aren’t from Lowell, Massachusetts to stand with us, this Holiday season because all we want is answers to why our angel went to Heaven so soon. Another black man life could have been taken and we refuse for this case to be swept underneath the rug. With all your support however that won’t happen.