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Allow third party candidates into the general election debates

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For too long Americans are pressured into the "less of too evils" false dilemma. With Hillary Clinton and Donald trump leading right now to be their parties nominees a lot of Americans would like to see a third party. 

CNN did a poll that show 44% of Americans would like to see a third party candidate in the general election. I think that we should make this a reality. Currently from my understanding most major networks will not allow third party candidates into the main debates because of red tape and standards. 

Currently Jill stein with the green party is polling 5% and Gary Johnson with the libertarian party is polling 11% in general election polls. I feel that we as Americans NEED other choices. We are the only major democratized nation on earth with such a rooted two party system and which is the cause of poor candidates with such high unfavorability ratings. 

This petition is to CNN and all other mainstream media we KNOW you block third parties from getting coverage and we need this too stop.  There are so many different beautiful political ideas out there that are be shoved down into a closet forcing Americans to vote out of fear rather then what they believe as a citizen. 


My goal is to get as many people to back this as possible so that we can see change in not only our political process but the way our media portrays it. Americans need options and Clinton and Trump are not the right ones. 

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