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Get CMT to Listen to 'Nashville' Fans

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Nashies are known for their campaign efforts. Their massive unity and petitions were a huge reason why Nashville found a home on CMT after ABC canceled it last year. If any fandom can come together in an effort to be heard it's the Nashville fandom. That is why on September 4, Nashville fans launched a new campaign titled #ListentoFansCMT.

The #ListentoFansCMT campaign is a collective request for CMT to include the ideas of fans in their work. After all, in the past, Nashies have always been involved with the show. (We even got to vote and help name Cadence.)

On July 11, Ed Amatrudo, who plays Juliette's manager Glenn, encouraged Nashies to tell CMT what they would like to see on the show by tweeting, "#NASHIES, instead of saying what you don't like about it, say what it is that you WANT. @CMT IS on your side. They are listening! Just ASK!"

In response, the #ListentoFansCMT campaign was born to encourage past and present Nashies (regardless of who their favorite character is) all over the world to join together and share their ideas for Nashville’s future.

Some of the ideas the #ListentoFansCMT campaign helps promote are:

  • There should be equal screen time and more storylines for the main characters.
  • There should be more music.
  • There should be more cute couple scenes between Juliette and Avery as well as Scarlett and Gunnar.
  • CMT should maintain the personalities of the characters. For example, Deacon will always be a recovering alcoholic and should still be seen in AA, especially since the love of his life recently died.
  • CMT should stop changing past storylines. For example, in season 2 episode 21, Juliette tells troops at Luke Wheeler's military benefit that her father died when she was four during a military training exercise. Yet, in season 5 episode 13, a flashback shows that Juliette's dad did in fact die when she was four, but in a car accident on the way to the store.
  • CMT should address plot holes. For example: Are Juliette and Avery remarried? They were divorced and are now wearing their wedding rings again but this was never addressed.
  • There should be an alternate ending for Rayna fans (after all, they also campaigned for Nashville and deserve a happy ending). For example: an alternate ending in a series finale, on a season DVD or released online. Another example of an alternate ending would be if there was a Nashville movie completely separate from the current plot. Please see our other article HERE for ideas on how these ideas could work and what Connie Britton says regarding returning in the future. Rayna fans also ask that if for some reason Britton would not return for an alternate ending, that CMT release bloopers, outtakes or additional Rayna and Deacon scenes that have not previously been released.

Would you like to see any of the ideas above in Nashville's future? If so, please join us and sign the petition today to help tell CMT this is what we want!

If you have any other ideas regarding what you would like to see on the show or just want to show your support for these ideas, feel free to leave a comment when you sign!

Together we can and will be heard!

For any questions regarding this campaign, feel free to contact: @Nashiecampaign on Twitter or 

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