All Government & Private Universities, Colleges, of ASSAM Should CANCEL All Semester Exams

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Due to corona outbreak in all over India all schools, colleges and universities were remained close since 23rd March 2020. This gap is resulting in stress among the students as our future is becoming dark and also the situation is not known when it will be getting to normal. Though some colleges are assigning multiple assignments and taking online classes but many students could not get access to it.

We got to know from some social media sources that some  universities have taken the decision of promoting the students of mid semesters but for last semester students it has become more stress as we are stuck and don’t know when we will be getting our degrees or diplomas. Above all our  age is running out and we are not able to apply in many govt. jobs because of not having the degree or diploma. If examinations are held in July it will also be very risky to appear in the exam by maintaining social distance as many students will gather from all over north east and various parts of Assam. If one student is found positive for covid-19 then whole college or university will have to go quarantine.

 So we are requesting you kindly to cancel all the semester examinations including the last semester and promote all semester students on the basis of their 50% marks from previous semesters and 50% from current internal marks. The Universities or the Board may also give the student an optional that if someone wishes to improve their grades then he or she should be allowed to appear in the examination.