Regain GIB population & stop Windmills expansion in Kutch n Power lines Under ground

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Dear all, 

Big concern Kutch is facing is Population decline of GIB, White Rumped Vulture species are top priority as of moment and need Conservation steps for them. Major threatened to these species is due to Windmills expansion, High tension electric lines. Collision is big concern. In past issue is raised and need of moment is electric powerlines to get underground and stop Windmills expansion in there habitat potential areas of distribution in order to  save them.

Rare & threatened Species like Grey wolf, Ratel, Caracal, Desert cat, Desert fox, Rusty spotted cat etc are facing population decline due to Minning area expanding in Anjar, Abdasa, mundra, mandvi Talukas. Major problem of habitat loss and destruction of scrub forest areas and natural habitats of wildlife. Also windmills expansion results in road formation, movement of human in nstural habitats disturbance to wildlife. 

Need to highlight and take corrective action by respective authority of Gujarat, Kutch forest division, mining division and adminstration of Kutch. CM & PMO are highlted concerns by written letters from more than 25+ people from Kutch need same from all over Gujarat & India to save Wildlife of Kutch.