Facilities for pedestrians in Hyderabad

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Dear Telangana CMO, GHMC, Nitin Gadkari Ji,

With due respect I wish to draw your attention towards pathetic condition of road safety measures in Hyderabad (Though almost all metros are suffering with similar disease). 

Everyday we go out to buy groceries, office, movies or for any other work, there is a fear among ourself of road accident. Specially when a city like Hyderabad is growing at very good pace, roads are very narrow, over speeding by drivers is common.

There has been almost zero planning in construction of roads within city. It lacks very common and necessary facilities. 

 A. Lack of sufficient zebra crossing

B. Lack of footbridge or escalator fitted bridge for crossing

C. No separate lane for two-wheelers (Bicycle or Motorcycle)

D. Unmanaged pedestrians (Too much of illegal occupation)

E. Lack of under ground subways

In recent times Hyderabad Traffic Police has done some great job and taken initiatives to control accidents but data suggests other way because of above mentioned reasons. Without good infrastructure, their implementation and good intention has taken a hit. 

Number of Road Accidents in Hyderabad :

2015 - 2485

2016 - 2535

2017 - 416 (Till February) 

Accident Accused Vehicle:

Two wheeler - 176 (Till February) 

Four Wheeler - 123 (Till February) 

Accident Victim: (Up to Feb 2017)

Pedestrian: 38%

Two Wheeler: 49%

One of the report says this "Road safety experts say that the major reasons for accidents in the city were faulty road design, improper junctions and other infrastructure defects. These defects were overlooked in the past and only motorists were blamed for accidents. The traffic police had been submitting reports to the GHMC pointing out problems like narrow roads, steep curves, slopes of roads, blind corners, improper illumination and traffic junctions (without signals), and the absence of sign boards indicating speed limits since 2014. But the GHMC has not yet taken initiatives to set right these problems." 


Now the question is, if a country can reduce the count of death due to road accident to mere 264 then how can we justify 2400+ deaths per year in just a city?

Read this : http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2014/02/economist-explains-16 

We must address this seriously because this is going to save life.

Urgent needs :

1. Foot bridge or Escalator bridge at every 1-5 KM distance depending on crowd in that area. 

2. Properly managed pedestrian

3. More zebra crossing with electronic signal system

4. More number of traffic police to ensure over speeding vehicles are caught.


Thank you,

Ashutosh Kumar

(Resident of Hyderabad)