Notify Mahendri near Amravati as a Wildlife Sanctuary- Save Tiger- Save Forest

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Mahendri Reserve Forest (near Amravati- Warud) is a wildlife rich and geographically important forest area. This of forest area is also a catchment for Wardha river which flows from the northern boundary of this forest. Many critically endangered animals like Tiger, Leopards, Wolves, Wild dog are some of the wildlife species found in this area. Sambar, Bluebulls, Chinkara, Spotted deer, Chowsingha and wild boar are main prey species found in this area.

Mahendri is one of the potential forest areas which can be notified as a Wildlife sanctuary to protect tigers and other wildlife species. Mahendri area once notified as sanctuary will act as important corridor for tiger movement between Bor tiger reserve and Melghat tiger reserve.  In the long term it will also be a good eco tourism destination where in it create large scale employment to locals through Eco Tourism.

The Mahendri Reserve forest forms an important corridor between forest areas of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra ensuring contiguity of forests in Satpudas. Mahendri also forms an corridor between Melghat Tiger Reserve and Bor Tiger Reserve. 

It is desired to declare this biodiversity rich area as a Wildlife Sanctuary so that more protection can be accorded to it administratively. The mission of the nation in increasing the forests which is also the home for the National Animal Tiger can be taken a step forward by granting this enhanced protection status to Mahendri Forests. Our request to the authorities are to declare Mahendri as a Wildlife Sanctuary without any delay. Each of your support in the form of a signature and share to citizens who feel about nature, conservation and above all 'The Tiger' will definitely help the authorities to decide quickly to declare Mahendri as a Wildlife Sanctuary.