Save the Western Ghats

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The Hubballi-Ankola Track Line

This proposed railway track has been an ongoing debate since it was proposed in 1997. It has also been rejected many times and it is clear that it will be a loss to the environment if we let this happen. But suddenly, despite many oppositions, our chief minister BS Yediyurappa cleared the proposal at a state board meeting.

  • In 2002, The Karnataka forest department rejected the proposal. 
  • in 2004, The Union Forest Ministry's Regional Office in Bengaluru turned down this plan
  • In 2015, The Supreme court expressed disapproval
  • In 2019, the majority of the members in the state board opposed the project
  • In 2020, somehow BS Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka cleared the proposal

29 species of mammals, 256 species of birds, 8 species of reptiles and 50 species of butterflies are at risk. The majority of these mammals are on the Red List and almost 2-5 lakh trees will be cut down. 

 The Western Ghats are known to provide water security to southern and peninsular India. To add on, The Western Ghats cover is essential for Tamil Nadu's south-west rainfall.

They are also known for their biodiversity and geomorphological features. This proposed plan will pass through a part of the Badthi Conservation Reserve at Yellapur and through the buffer zone of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Kali Tiger Reserve. These reserves have remained untouched for years and now they will have to share their sanctuary with a loud railway line. 

My name is Kriti Maturu and I'm currently in 9th grade, at Inventure Academy, Bangalore. I hope you will sign my petition to save the Western Ghats by stopping the construction of the Hubballi-Ankola Railway Line.