We want Justice

We want Justice

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Nirbhaya Kumari started this petition to CM of Bihar, police in Gaya district.

What was her fault? What was her parents fault? She was just 16, what made you to kill her so brutally? She had worn salwar-kamij covering her whole body but what you did? Raped her, not once, not even twice but multiple time, she had ungrown genitals, now tell me what makes it so tempting to you ? I know you guys get tempted when we show our cleavages but that doesn't mean you will cut our breasts, chopped our head and leave us to die.

I am sorrowfully writing to tell you about a brutal incident happened in the city Gaya, Bihar. It is gruesome to see the peaceful locality Manpur Patwatoli (Gaya, Bihar) becoming playground for goons for over two years. The limit got crossed with a lifetime shocking sight that shivered parents when they identified the horrible dead body of their 16 year old girl, Anjana on 6th January 2019.


Here is the chronological order of the crime that has happened:

28th December, 2018: Anjana went missing.

4th January, 2019: An FIR for the girl gone missing was registered after pressure from local media.

6th January, 2019: A dead body was found in a farm field in the morning in the following conditions:

- Head was cut out and acid was poured in to hide the identity.

- Breasts were cut.

- Hands were chopped off from the body.

- Multiple times gangrape suspected : Medical report to arrive

9th January, 2019: At 3PM, a Candle March started from Patwatoli to Gaya Chowk. 10,000+ participants.

9th January, 2019: In the evening after the Candle March, the Police came and took the victim's family in custody, beat them up and tortured.

10th January, 2019: In the evening, the police released the victim's family except her parents due to increasing pressure of media.

11th January, 2019: In the afternoon, the police released the victim's mother.


The police is telling the media a wrong story. Police forcefully took statement from victim's sister and wrongly framed the statement for honor killing. The statement stated that the victim returned on 31st December, which is not right. The victim Anjana never returned after 28th December, 2018.

It's paradoxical that the police took the victim's family in custody to beat them up and released the real culprits to roam freely. It's obvious that the police is taking the culprits' side by manipulating the case to be honor killing. It's not justified. Therefore, Patwatoli people demand CBI Investigation for Justice.

The police is monitoring phone calls around the family under surveillance. Whoever calls the family or around, they put those people in custody.


Postmortem report generally comes out within two day at most, but no the report has not come out (as of 11 January, 2019). Even the forensic report is missing till now. The fabrication of the postmortem report is suspected.


Now, the environment in Patwatoli Gaya is fearful. People there are scared. The police is trying to curb the evidence to save the real culprits. Local people are being forced not to speak anything and so they are scared.
Girls of Patwatoli are scared now. They are shivering from inside for the fear that anything unsafe as in Anjana's case could happen with them anytime. Their parents are worried

A lot of media are spreading the story fabricated by the police stating the case for honor killing which is wrong. I request you to sign in this petition for your help in getting your support for the real story and Justice. Justice is needed. Help!

Looking forward!







0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!