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DREAMZ Infra, TGS, and Gruha Kalyan are all 3 constuction companies of a Habitual offender, Mr.Sachin Naik.This Con-man used his 2 wives Mandeep Kaur & Disha Chaudhary for creating the largest builder scam in Karnataka. Per CID, the actual number of victims is close to 8k and expected money swindling close to 2k crores.

The ex-wife of Mr.Sachin Naik,  Mrs.Disha Chaudhary, who is the MD of Dreamz Infra is also a bar dancer turned overnight into a Bollywood actress with her debut movie ANURADHA directed by renowned Raju Mavani.

Sachin Naik and Disha Chaudhary always believed in "easy money", and their joint venture fraud spree started in the year 2008, with FRONTIER in Bengaluru.Sachin Naik, who was then known as Sumanth Kumar Das and Disha was Ayesha (Esha), cheated people to a tune of about 16 crores per TOI. In 2009, the Duo were able to successfully vanish from the city keeping the numerous customers in a state of shock and state police clueless.

After this, what happened is what we have seen in any movies.Begger became a King overnight and an immediate need to protect the easily earned crores of money led to the involvement of celebrities, ministers and bureaucrats. Disha produced her movie and became famous. Greed doesn't stop here.

They together yet again in 2012 targeted Bengaluru. This time with different names and identities. And this time they pitched in with more confidence because of adequate backing from the influential political leaders and real estate bureaucrats. Dreamz completed ( or endorsed is still a doubt) a few projects to bring an overnight reputation in the real estate business.

With enormous advertisements and endorsements, they targeted middle-class families, pensioners, senior citizens, government officials and Defense personnels.

And since it was all a well planned, intentional fraud, it took people a long time to understand that they had been duped to their core.Lot of assurances and excuses came up as a response for delay in the start up for construction of various projects. People who made a hard decision of cancellation, were getting shocked to receive cheques that had no funds, no accounts at all.

Meanwhile, Sachin married yet another fraudster Mandeep Kaur and together started TGS and Gruha Kalyan. The companies with different names but business was to cheat innocent homebuyers and abscond. People still never got suspicious about these unscrupulous acts because of the lassitude of the Government, loose real estate laws and people's ignorance.

Company has till today never been questioned by Ministry of Corporate Affairs for running a company with so many FIRs.Company still is ACTIVE in Registrar of Companies despite of illegal, fraudulent activities. Income tax department is sleeping over huge mismanaged transactions and nonpayment of taxes.Actors and ministers partaking in endorsing fraudulent activities only for sake of money. Banks like SBI silent over crores of cheque bounces.

Now the customers are united.Collectively, through peaceful protests and strategies people have raised their voices and gained attention of the higher ups.

Media was silent over the issue for all these years. But the people's unity have pulled the media off the fears of the unknown. Slowly and steadily we are getting success in gaining confidence of the Media.Our pleads are reaching the correct ears.  

Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah ordered for CID investigation and arrests of the culprits in March. This was the biggest achievement we customers had seen in the recent years.

Madiwala Police station whose silence for years together has led to this huge cries and scams, also had wasted our precious years in the name of investigation.

Now we have to wait for a series of investigations before we can get justice. Can the banks wait for our EMIs or the house owner wait for rent? People have taken loans over loans to invest here. Gold is pledged, Fixed deposits are broken, hand loans taken. Will all the banks and other financial institutions WAIT till CID investigation is completed?

Nope! Then what justification is there in innocent customers waiting for their hard earned money in the name of investigation??

Madiwala Police station and CID, along with Court needs to settle the customers FIRST. 

At the last, we customers are already on the edge of a sword. We have cried and bled enough. Either u SAVE US QUICKLY or CHEAT THE ALREADY CHEATED.










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