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WTNH reported a story about Greenwich High and how some students and parents aren't happy about this “gender-neutral” graduation gowns. In the past, when the seniors at Greenwich High School graduate females would wear white and males would wear red. Early in the school year school officials changed the tradition by deciding that male or female would wear a red cap and gown with white strips, after receiving this information the students of Greenwich High School decided to “fight” for their right to choose which color they would like to graduate in. They started an online petition which gain over 400-signatures in less than 48-hours and resulted in multiple phone calls to the high school. Which resulted in the graduating class not only keeping the traditional red-and-white gowns, but the students will be able to chose which color they will like to wear. After reading this article I became inspired to “fight” for what I want and believe. Over the last couple of week I have been thinking about the class of 2016 and our graduation. Early this year it was brought to my attention that our interim principal ,Dr. Clydette V. Messiah, has change the cap and gowns color to green for everyone. I have been at Hamden High School for 4-year, In past years I saw the graduating class young ladies wearing gold and young men wearing green. Seeing the gold and green caps made me feel like I was one step closer to earning my diploma and going to college. Before Christmas break I informed our class president of the “everybody is wearing green” information to see if he could change it. After coming back to me with bad news I thought I couldn't change it back to normal. After speaking to one of the administers at Hamden High, who said the change was brought due to gender identity I completely understood the motive, however I believe there is a better way to make everyone feel confident in themselves & their appearance when walking across the stage. I believe that everyone would feel a lot more comfortable if we were able to choose if we wanted to wear a green or gold cap and gown regardless of gender. A color,weather green or gold, should not be specific to one gender. The focus should not be on the gender of the graduate but on how far they have came in their education as well on how far they will go. Signing the “fight for our caps” petition will not only help the class of 2016 graduates from Hamden High but future classes to have the option to chose if they want to wear gold or green. After spending 4-years at Hamden High School and seeing past class graduating in gold and green, I would like the right to wear my school's colors when receiving my diploma and attending my last event as a Hamden High School senior.

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