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Clubbing death of 4 baby owls, by two Santa Ynez, California 17 year old's.

Two 17 year old teens to possibly only receive slap on the wrist for clubbing 4 baby owls to death? These 17 year old adults moral compass is already set.

What do you feel is fair justice or punishment?

OUR OBJECTIVE: Push for stricter animal cruelty laws for minors and an accessible registry for youth and adult animal abusers in California.


This petition was delivered to:
  • California State House
  • Governor
    Jerry Brown
  • State Representative
    Katcho Achadjian
  • State Senator
    Hannah-Beth Jackson
  • State Senator
    Leland Yee
  • Senator
    Barbara Boxer
  • Representative
    Kevin McCarthy
  • California Governor

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