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End the Killing of Healthy Pets as Acceptable Policy to Achieve Population Control

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Every year millions of healthy pets are killed in shelters throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  In all three countries, euthanization is an acceptable policy that is widely used to help achieve animal population control.  The following are three main reasons for the staggering over-abundance of pets that lead to the policy of killing excess animals.

  • Citizens are buying expensive animals rather than acquiring one for nearly free at an animal shelter.
  • Citizens are not having their pets spayed nor neutered resulting in uncontrolled births.
  • Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues are using obsolete "donation seeking" fundraisers that were originally designed to raise money in the 1800's.

CLUB NO-KILL 2025 is on a decade long journey that won't end until the year 2025.  So, until that date please continue to show your support for ending the killing by signing this petition and urging others to as well.  Thanks and I'm honored that you should take this journey for life along with me and "Vinny the Pug".  






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