Grandfather in or allow under 25 chickens (6 and 1 rooster)

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For approximately 13 years I have had 2-7 chickens in my home peacefully.

I am not the only one in town raising chickens in these hard times so I am fighting for the right to keep my chickens on behalf of myself and others in the community that like organic eggs and are on fixed incomes and have them as pets or to help out.

 I have had chickens as pets and for eggs in my home till recently a new animal control officer on picking up feral kittens said hey I don't think you can have them in town (many do). He came back 3 hours later with a pile of papers looked through and said well they have to be 100 ft from your neighbors. Told him they were here for 13 years and prior to any laws we had permission and asked our neighbors if they mind. My neighbors and grandkids and I all enjoy them. So now we have a court date to fight for Henny and Penny and the chickens so they can continue to remain I could move them to the back yard and that would be 100 ft but my neighbor enjoys them and does not want them moved either. Animal control is leaving it up to the judge. Know one wants to say it but many in town have chickens and it has never been an issue in the 13 years and the town law is kinda open more of a don't ask don't tell view. It is not like they were hidden they have been peaceful members of the community by the zoo where I live for all these years. Any suggestions?


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