Stop Cloudflare USA, Supplying "Cyber Armour" To Putin!

Stop Cloudflare USA, Supplying "Cyber Armour" To Putin!

6 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Iceni Anon

Did you know that (US Based) Cloudflare is providing an internet security and protection service for Putin's Russian Regime?

Meaning, Cloudflare is protecting & supporting a war criminal!

Cloudflare are allowing supporters of Putin to create websites, apps and APIs [with their protection] to operate within numerous underground Russian & Belarusian state funded militia groups. 

The ignorance of Matthew Prince (CEO of Cloudflare) is causing death & serious harm to innocent (un-armed) Ukrainian people.

You are helping Putin's regime to function and grow! 

Cloudflare should stop providing its "so-called" security services to protect war criminals and/or countries with dictators that are on a war path - This will protect many lives, and not just the few!

So What Are Cloudflare Morally Doing Wrong?

Cloudflare is basically providing a "firewall security service" within Russia.  This enables "Putin" and his supporters to protect Russian [state owned] websites, apps and apis from being viewed or accessed, by those outside of Russia!

Cloudflare and it`s "so-called" security service blocks IP addresses (from visitors in certain countries) being able to access Russian websites, apps or apis & remain hidden.

Why is this important?

There are so many underground Russian websites, apps and social groups of pro-Russian militia that are hiding behind these firewalls, which Cloudflare are providing?!

Pro-Putin supporters are using this protection to encourage or incite hatred towards Ukrainians. They also use the protection against spying or for communicating infiltrated, battle plans & positions. Causing harm to innocent Ukrainian civilians.

Cloudflare must remove the Russian cyber armour NOW!

If you agree, please sign this petition - Thank you!

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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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