Close the NTRP Rating System Loophole in USTA Leagues

Close the NTRP Rating System Loophole in USTA Leagues

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Why this petition matters

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USTA uses the NTRP rating system to determine the skill level and league teams that a player can participate in. The NTRP rating system uses an individual’s non-mixed league match results to calculate and determine a player’s rating. Mixed doubles league matches have no effect on a player’s rating when they also play in the Adult Leagues. This system allows players to become mixed “specialists” who use the non-mixed leagues solely to generate a favorable rating for themselves. They then use this rating as a competitive advantage on mixed league teams without consequences.

How does a mixed “specialist” manipulate their rating?
Many players are doing this in devious ways. These players will join adult leagues and play just enough matches to get a computer rating they want. They can play on multiple adult leagues teams and “manage their scores.” They will play Adult Tournaments and lose to players with lower ratings or lose badly to those with the same rating. Once they are at a desired level, they use non-mixed play to maintain their level. Under current USTA rules, once they achieve their computer rating, they can play mixed leagues with immunity from any grievances against their rating. Opposing players and captains can do nothing that will result in any real consequences.

How do I identify people that using this loophole?
One way to identify these players is to look closely at their records. A player could have a 31-1 record in Mixed and 2-3 record in Adult. Sometimes, numbers alone will not identify these players, especially when they have mastered the technique of “managing” their scores. They may go 7-0 in Adult League and would not be bumped up the next season. The best way to identify these “specialists” is that they have never gone to Adult League Nationals. Often times, they don’t even make it out of their local flight. Yet, they have gone to Mixed Nationals every year, in multiple divisions, with the same NTRP rating. There is even evidence that some non-mixed teams are created for the sole purpose of enabling these mixed “specialists” to manipulate their ratings.

How does this affect me?
You are affected if you participate in USTA League. If you participate in non-mixed leagues, you may find yourself playing against opponents who are using this league – and consequently their match with you – for the sole purpose of manipulating their NTRP rating. Your NTRP rating may receive an artificial bump as a result. In addition, you may find yourself playing against an opponent that doesn’t seem to be “trying”, or “having a bad day”. If you play mixed leagues, you may find yourself playing against a pair who’s “real” NTRP rating is 1.0 higher than the league calls for. You will find yourself playing a non-competitive match while the opponents are using you and your team to advance themselves into post-season. This occurs without any consequence to their computer rating and without any viable recourse.

What this petition is asking the USTA to do
Mixed and Adults League have Championships. Yet only Adults League matches count towards NTRP rating. We are asking the USTA to modify the current NTRP rating system to include mixed league play into a player’s rating. We would like the USTA to discourage players from using non-mixed league play to manipulate their NTRP rating so they can play below their actual level in mixed leagues without consequences.

786 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!