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Close Shadow Night Club

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We live in the surrounding area of Shadow Night Club/Club 28 and we are seeking your help to put an end to the lawless, dangerous and chaotic situation that occurs every weekend night from the spill-in and out of the Shadow Club/Club 28.  This started earlier this year and has reached the point where the situation has imperiled the health and safety of our families and neighbors. It is also severely impacting our quality of life.

In January, there was a reported stabbing at or in front of the Club.  Last month, shots were heard on the street near the club and on December 1st more shots were fired on 28st from a mugging in front of the club.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the crowd and activity on the street has gotten much worse.  Patrons have been seen and heard fighting, drinking and breaking bottles all over 28th Street, urinating, leaving trash and nightclub flyers all over the street and screaming and yelling during the middle of the night and into the morning.

It has become almost unbearable to live on 28th Street because of the club on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  The police have been trying their best to control the situation but recent crowds and the violence and mayhem have overwhelmed their efforts.

Additionally, the club is taking up important resources of the NYPD, paid by the taxpayers, to be present on some of the nights they are open.

Several months ago the club was closed by the police for one weekend and the neighborhood was peaceful and calm. Shadow's lawyers were able to re-open only to get right back to the bad situation that started the process.

We are urgently seeking your help to close down or fix this situation for good.

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