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The Mazor breeding farm currently holds 1,000 long tailed macaque monkeys. Some of these monkeys were wild caught on the island of Mauritius, while others were born in captivity. Mazor is a link in the chain of cruel trade in which monkeys are forcibly removed from their natural environment then flown thousands of miles in small cages to laboratories or breeding facilities. These animals will have been separated from their family groups, the young brutally separated from their mothers.

Mazor is little more than a monkey breeding factory, whose manager considers the monkeys to be “production units” whose sole purpose is to increase profits, through the sale of the offspring to laboratories. To further increase profitability, the young are separated early from their mothers, allowing these females to mate as soon as possible. Early forced separation is traumatic to both the young and the mothers. These mothers will cry out and cling in desperation to the bars of their cages in a vain attempt to look for their young. The young who have been moved to a separate enclosure, will in turn look for their mothers and display signs of severe distress. Not all of these animals will survive this difficult transition and some will die.

Those who survive will have their chests tattooed with a four digit serial number and then be sold to laboratories in Europe, the US and Israel. Every year, hundreds of these terrified young monkeys will be forced to travel huge distances in tiny crates to faraway destinations, to a fate worse than death, which awaits them. Each of these “units” will fill the pockets of the breeding farm manager to the tune of $2800.

A fate worse than death

The vast majority of these young monkeys will be sold to laboratories that specialize in toxicology (poisoning tests). Among the clients of Mazor are Covance (Germany), the Swedish centre for Biological studies, as well as laboratories in the UK, Belgium, Italy and the US. The monkeys will be housed in miserable conditions and will undergo toxicity tests in which they will be injected or force fed with drugs and other chemicals. Most of the animals will die during these tests, and those who survive will be killed at the end of the experiment.

Most of the monkeys sold to laboratories within Israel will undergo invasive brain experiments.. These experiments involve water deprivation, immobilization in a primate chair for extended periods of time, surgical removal of the top of the skull, and implantation of equipment in the skull and the brain itself. These types of experiment typically last several years, after which most of the monkeys will be killed. In rare instances, individual monkeys are released and allowed to undergo rehabilitation in sanctuaries. This is a relatively recent phenomenon and is due in large part to public outcry.

Letter to
Gilad Erdan
cikar stasha
rico sanat
I am writing today to express my support to cease providing requisite permits to Mazor Farm, a business that breeds and sells monkeys for animal experimentation; indeed, I extend my appreciation for your examination of this issue that will influence the closing of Mazor Farm. Your compassionate resolution will result in an ethical consequence, liberating more than hundreds of monkeys and relinquishing them to their natural habitat; future ramifications include rejecting additional exploitation, and the lives potentially stolen will be the lives realistically saved.

Please allow me to illustrate the significance of such an ethical and obligatory gesture: all beings, human and non-human animals, are inherently sentient, capable of thought and emotion including love and suffering. Because humans have the the capacity for empathy, we must protect animals, not apathetically condemn them to death. When we embrace speciesism, we deny the fundamental right to life of animals, engulfing society in dangerous constructs of egotism and suffering, hidden within euphemistic claims of self-preservation and superiority; indeed, these false justifications only benefit us, providing humans illegitimate approval to subject non-human animals to any conditions while validating any treatment of them. All beings, though, feel the tangible essence of life and the desire to live while fearing the manifestation of death. It is upon this acceptance that we must begin our journey towards bridging the chasm between species, refusing the human-concocted dictates meant to influence societal submission and support of animal exploitation.

Thank you for observing the utter inhumanity as represented by Mazor Farms by refusing exploitation and instead observing empathy; I trust the overwhelming support acknowledging your potential courageous and empathetic decision exemplifies the importance of such and is considered when you finalize this declaration. Your moral decision supporting the closing of Mazor Farms will additionally serve as a model to other communities. I extend my gratitude towards you and hope you will accept my gesture of appreciation and respect.

I know your time is limited and I thank you for your attention and consideration.

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