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Dear Sirs,

Hello.  Convicted terrorists have been prosecuted and successfully incarcerated in high-security federal prisons --  including Colorado´s Supermax facility -- without posing any risk to the public´s safety, including Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheik convicted in the first World Trade Center attacks.  Our justice system, although not perfect, is the best in the world. It is fully capable of handling sensitive national security issues without compromising fundamental rights.  The federal prison system has proven time and again that it is capable of holding convicted terrorists. Some of the convicted terrorists in federal prisons include Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheik convicted in the first World Trade Center attacks and Richard Reid, known as the ´shoe bomber.´  Dangerous criminals who have committed horrible crimes are locked up in prisons all over this country every day and nobody wages campaigns objecting to that. This is clearly a politically motivated fear-mongering effort from those who wish to perpetuate the Bush administration´s failed illegal detention policies.  It was the Bush administration´s detention and torture policies that made us less safe and more reviled by the Muslim world. Former President Bush´s torture and detention policies certainly radicalized many individuals across the Muslim world, and President Obama´s executive orders are a first step to defusing that hatred and giving us an America we can be proud of again.  Guantánamo and the sham military commissions are more likely to produce terrorists– both those detained in Guantánamo and elsewhere – than adherence to the rule of law and a return to American values.  Thank you for your attention, time, and all your efforts.


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