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Close down the Botosani Public Shelter for dogs; start a neuter campaign

The local Public Shelter for dogs from Botosani, Romania is a place where stray dogs are brought to be left to die slowly from starvation, diseases, harsh winter cold and burning summer sun. They are not even separated by gender when brought in so the shelter always has new pregnant females who give birth to puppies that die soon after due to the bad conditions. Big dogs or aggressive dogs are kept with small or weak dogs which then are bitten, terrified, can't manage to get any of the little food that is given to them.

The dogs in there are not neutered, nor vaccinated against diseases. They even bring in young puppies and very old and sick dogs which are left to die unattended. The puppies almost in 100% of the cases get sick fast from the medium and die in pain and sufferance.

Instead of trying to limit the breeding of the stray dog population, the authorities prefer to simply catch more dogs and jam them up in an already super overcrowded shelter. Although they officially spend funds on managing the shelter, on dog food etc, no results are to be seen as dogs barely get food and no medical care.

They also refuse to let volunteers from NGO's to offer medical care to sick dogs and prefer to let them die in pain.

Get a glimpse of the life of these dogs in this video:

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  • Primarul Ovidiu Portariuc
    Primaria Botosani
  • The vet of the Public Shelter for Dogs Botosani
    Dr. Mihai Maxim
  • Primaria Botosani

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