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1. Stop the street animals overpopulation by national mass-sterilization program sustained from public funds.

2. Enforce shelter standards equivalent to those of most other European Union nations for both the municipal pounds and so-called "shelters" - animals hoarding!

Romania, as a EU country must enforce all City Hall /responsible to renovate the majority of municipal pounds in which dogs collected from streets are currently left starve, abused (beaten, poisoned), "disappear" = many brutally killed.

The living conditions from these pounds cannot be described in the right words: no hygiene, no veterinary support for the dogs, dogs are eating each other. There is no transparency regarding the pound management (visit hours, adoptions, volunteering), there is no financial transparency, public funds goes into a "black hole" and there is no evidence of humanely care for sheltered dogs.

There are also many individuals and "associations" - animal hoardings- which keep dogs collected from streets in unimaginable miserable conditions, respecting no hygiene and making more worse than rescue work.


These places should be closed until renovated to function according with the international laws.

Letter to
Committee for the Investigation of Abuses, Corrupt Practices Chamber of Deputies;Parliament of Romania
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Chamber of Deputies;Parliament of Romania.

Close down the death camps managed by Local Authorities all over Romania!

Dear Sirs,

The tragedy of Romanian animals left to starve and die on the streets or in pounds operating as animal concentration camps is deeply upsetting to me and harmful to the reputation of Romania.

This problem could be resolved by providing public funding for pet sterilization, so that no animals are born without good homes to go to, and by enforcing shelter standards equivalent to those of most other European Union nations.

Thank you!

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