New Jersey To Shut Down Child Care Centers

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Please put in an order to stop childcare operations in the state of New Jersey. Recently Governor Phil Murphy put in an order to close all K-12 schools for a few weeks but that does not include childcare facilities. I am a preschool teacher at a center in Monmouth County where there have been confirmed cases of the CoronaVirus (and still on the rise) Unfortunately, many centers will not close unless you order it and staff are not allowed to take time off without consequences. Often, childcare centers are cesspools for germs and viruses on a normal day but this is even more concerning with this epidemic. I fear my health is at risk, along with every other provider as well as children and there families. We have a number of parents who work all over especially in hospitals and can easily transmit the Coronavirus to us or our families. You push social distancing but by not closing down child care centers is that really helping? Thank you for looking into this matter to help decrease this epidemic.