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Close Bicutan Immigration Facility NOW!

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Hundreds of foreign nationals are being illegally detained in Philippine Immigration detention facility at Bictutan for months, sometimes years, on trumped up charges.

Immigration detentions are needed in countries where refugees and asylum seekers fleeing wars zones and human rights oppression can be evaluated and integrated or differentiated from other economic migrants. But Bicutan Immigration facility does not hold one asylum seeker, one refugee or even one migrate worker.

So why does B.I. Bicutan hold 200 plus detainees?  The answer is simple:  Money!

Bicutan Immigration facility is NOT about displaced persons. Instead it is all about illegally extorting money from foreigners who are perceived as being rich, even though many of them are not.

Greedy BI officials will even go so far as to kidnap and hold foreigners to extort their money. Nobody is bailed by BI because it’s not good for business. Keep them as long as possible and make them pay. Safe drinking water is sold to detainees at double street price. The use of phones should be free to detainees under the Geneva Convention.

In addition, any trivial visa issue which could be dealt with in one or two days will take months or even years to resolve. What better victim can you have than one you can rob and then deport so there’s no come back!

Many of foreign nationals being detained are NOT criminals. Most of them simply overstayed their visa. A simple deportation should only take maximum of a week. But many of these foreigners have been held in detention for months, some of them years!

Your Senate knows the truth. Senators Drilon and Trillanes introduced a new Immigration Act last year to put an end to it. Under this new act BI will not be able to pick up innocent foreigners like they do and BI will have to deal with deportations in days, not years. They won’t be able to keep anybody for more than three months and all extraditions will have to be done without delays.

With the new Immigration Act we don’t need Bicutan. BI should never hold more than a handful at any time.

Bicutan is hurting all of us and the Philippines! Do you want a greedy few in BI to stop visitors coming to these beautiful islands? We need foreign investment for jobs. Why let a greedy few spoil it for all?

Please give us your support and help us press congress and the senate to enact the new Immigration law and close Bicutan now!

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