Close and Ban Forever

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About Gokano:-

Gokano is a site where the user (1) Create an Account, (2) Collect points by Referring their friends to, Daily Logins, Giving Answer to questions and By Completing Hard to Complete Tasks (3) After That, Redeem Prizes against those earned points.

Well, I mentioned three steps above that looks easy. But wait, the reason behind this Petition is those steps.

Yes, Gokano is fooling us with those three steps mentioned above.

Here are some points why Gokano must be closed especially in India:-

1. Gokano said that they improve their Servers for handling More users. But believe me, they never did this. At the Time of Restock, Their servers go down.

2. Gokano is actually interested in Earning and gathering more traffic not in Caring about their users and giving them better service.

3. Gokano says that their Restock lasts for more than 30 minutes. But it was not even 1 minute.

4. Most of the users on Gokano are Indians so Indian should have won most of the prizes but believe me, Indian people wins 2$ PayPal, earphones, and hardly gets prizes less than 400GN.

5. They never announced the quantity of Available prize so how can we believe them that they really have big Stock.

6. Most of their Notification App users get Restock Notification lately so when they visit, all prizes are already Out Of Stock.

7. Western countries win bigger prizes.

8. Gokano Staff replies very late.

9. You can order only 1 Prize in a whole month.

10. Look, Time is very important thing for every human. But Gokano never cares about the Time. People spent whole day and night on refreshing their site pages just to Redeem the prizes using their hard earned points.

If we calculate, then Gokano has more than 5,000 Indian users. If a user wastes one day every month from his life then we get 5000X1 = 5000 days wasted every month.

So now tell, How can we leave these types of websites who actually wasting our time. Why not Close and Ban these sites.

I hope you will sign up for this Petition and let's stop wasting our valuable time. :)