Clorox & P&G, Stop the sale of culturally insensitive Hawaiian Aloha cat litter!

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We the people, find that Clorox's and Procter & Gamble jointly marketing a product called "Hawaiian Aloha" fresh step cat litter is deeply culturally insensitive.  With a marketing slogan such as "A luau for your litterbox" makes a mockery of Hawai'ian tradition, and its rich heritage. Thusly equating the Hawai'ian tradition of luau with feline excrement.  

We find use of this marketing, along with the trademarking of "Hawaiian Aloha" offensive, deeply culturally insensitive, and highly insulting to the people of Hawai'i, of Hawai'ian decent, and friends and supporters of the Hawai'ian arts & culture.

We hereby demand that Clorox, Procter & Gamble, and their subsidiaries immediately cease the sales and marketing of the grossly culturally insensitive product worldwide.