Wilts & Calne Councils to fund a traffic study to FIX THE JAM IN CALNE

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We call on Wiltshire Council and Calne Town Council to urgently secure funding for an independent traffic study to investigate practical options to address the bottle-neck in Calne and improve traffic flow and air quality in the town centre.

A large part of Calne, covering most of the town centre, has been designated an Air Quality Management Area due to pollution levels well in excess of Government limits for Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulates (small particles in the air). Both these pollutants emanate from road traffic and can be very damaging to human health. It has been estimated that this level of pollution contributes to the premature death of 9 people in Calne every year.

Air pollution is exacerbated by traffic congestion, which is a particularly significant issue at the give-and-take system between Oxford Road and Curzon Street. This bottle-neck effectively cuts the town in half during peak periods, with significant delays to journey times.